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Purposeful Design and Contemporary Elegance with Double Hung Windows

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Graboyes has been installing double hung Windows since 1949. The classic double-hung style remains a fixture because of its elegant, clean lines, crisp corners and carefree functionality. Please call us at (610) 279-3905 or complete the FREE QUOTE form.

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What are Double Hung Windows?

Built for everyday wear and tear, double hung Windows come with expertly constructed sashes that each raise, lower and tilt in for easy cleaning. Both the beauty and smooth operation of Graboyes’ double hung windows will be a simple pleasure for your home.
Additional features include:

  • Narrow frame lines and sashes with fusion‐welded corners for exceptional strength, efficiency and maximum glass.
  • Integrated sash‐to‐sill interlock provides a unified wall of strength; prevents the sash from bowing in extreme winds.
  • Nonconductive, composite reinforcement in the meeting rails allows for secure mounting of hardware and improves energy efficiency.
  • True sloped sill creates a highly efficient drainage system to prevent water and debris accumulation.
  • Two panes of glass with low‐e and argon for energy efficiency.

Living Room Double Hung Windows

Living Room Double Hung Windows

Bedroom Double Hung Windows

Bedroom Double Hung Windows

Kitchen Double Hung Windows

Kitchen Double Hung Windows

Family Room Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows

Dining Room Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows

Sitting Room Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows

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