Taking steps to insulate your home can save you money during the winter months.  A lot of areas in the home can let the cold air in and the warm air, which you’re paying for, out. I will go over a few good ideas to keep your house insulated and keep more money in your pocket while you do it.

The most vulnerable areas of the house for warm air to escape and cold air to come in are the windows and doors. There are a few things you can do in these areas to prevent this from happening apart from getting a storm door in Philadelphia.

Inspect your home for leaks that will let in cold air, so feel for cold air coming in around doors, windows and electrical sockets, and seal off leaks or cracks. Recognizing that windows are the least insulated part of the home it is a good idea to seal off gaps with caulk, weather stripping or applying plastic to the windows in Philadelphia can stop cold air from flowing in.

I personally used to apply plastic to my windows in college. I was so surprised how well it worked.  My room was freezing and with old windows in the apartment it was no mystery where the cool air was coming from.  They used to be so cold I would but my drinks on the windowsill to keep them cold.  But once I realized how much money I was spending on heat that I was not even feeling I needed to do something about it.  Being the broke college student I was I needed a quick and cost efficient way to keep the heat in and cold air out.  Through some research I found the plastic sealers that were available for windows.   They kept my room warmer and my drinks found their way to the fridge.